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aLLreLi® 4Kx2K Ultra HD 5 Ports HDMI Switcher


  • SIMPLIFY YOUR AV SYSTEM Use this HDMI Switcher to connect three different HDMI sources to one display, so you never have to plug and unplug again.

  • SUPPORTS THE LATEST HD TECHNOLOGIES HDMI Splitter solution is HDMI certified for HDMI v1.4b and compatible with 3D and Ultra HD 21060p

  • CONTROL IT YOUR WAY HDMI splitter includes remote control for manual switching, or you can use the auto detection system to switch automatically

  • UNIVERSAL PLUG HDMI switcher comes with 5V 1A power adapter

  • SAFE & RELIABLE Our HDMI splitter is fully RoHS & CE approved to ensure safety.

  • Product Description

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    5ports hdmi switcher2

    More and more devices today are featuring HDMI technology to provide impressive, high definition graphics. While that means that you can game and watch movies with true cinema picture quality, it can also mean having a complicated AV system setup.

    When multiple devices all need to hook into the HDMI port on your television or HD display, you could be forced to plug and unplug components again and again, or you can simply invest in the aLLreLi HDMI Switcher and always have easy access to every part of your system.

    The aLLreLi HDMI Switcher includes three HDMI ports, so you can connect 5 different HDMI devices. The other end of the HDMI splitter box has a single HDMI cable that will connect with any HD display. With this single HDMI switcher, you can connect any three HD devices of your choosing, including:

    – PlayStation 3 & 4
    – XBox 360
    – Sky HD
    – DVD Players
    – HD Camcorders
    – HTPCs
    – Laptops
    – All other HDMI devices

    • To ensure that you get the best possible picture quality, we made the aLLreLi HDMI Switcher & Cable capable of supporting all of the latest technologies. The HDMI cable features HDMI v1.4b, the fastest and latest spec that provides bandwidth of up to 3.0 Gbp/s. In addition, the HDMI splitter supports Ultra HD and 3D video technology. No matter what you’re watching on the display, you’ll see it the way it was intended to be seen, guaranteed!

    • With the aLLreLi HDMI Switcher & Cable, switching between HDMI devices is easy. Use the remote to manually select the device you wish to use, or simply turn it on and let the automatic detection system handle the switching for you. Our RoHS and CE approved HDMI splitter greatly simplifies gaming and watching videos and movies of all kinds.

    • See for yourself how much simpler your AV system can be! Order the aLLreLi HDMI Switcher & Splitter today.


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