aLLreLi K643 Mechanical Keyboard RGB Backlight with 105 Keys Anti-ghosting ( UK Layout)

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  • Anti-ghosting technology, allows multiple keys to work simultaneously. Each key is controlled by a fully independent key. Allow you to enjoy high-quality games with fast response times

  • RGB LED Backlight Effect, 8 backlight effects are achieved by pressing the FN key and the Ins key simultaneously. Bring fantastic gameplay and good writing feel, very comfortable and easy to controlT

  • Blue Switch , a clear clicking sound to identify each change, all the keys were tested 50 million times, perfect for professional gamers and typists.

  • Full-Programmable macro key, Make it your own , macro key editor makes it easy to execute keystrokes fast

  • Two Smartphone Docks is a perfect design for players to place the smartphone safely and conveniently

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Blue Switches
Designed with Gaote blue mechanical switches with dust-proof which can be installed or removed. Each key was controlled by an independent switch, ensuring gaming-grade responsiveness with high speed

CP0306 K643 Mechanical Keyboard
CP0306 K643 Mechanical Keyboard

Macro Function
This keyboard has 5 programmable G-keys to create a text macro.When enter one of the G-keys mnode, you can click any key you want to modify without software. Create up to 31 characters across one models to put ultra-fast maneuvers at your fingertips.

CP0306 K643 Mechanical Keyboard

8 RGB Backlight
With specific keys to switch 8 different LED backlight models,and also can define the backlight of each key to build the look that best personifies you. 8 LED backlight successively show as the following:
– Dynamic Changing LED
– Single White LED
– Keep Constant LED
– Breathing LED
– Light Up Letters LED
– Put Out Letters Light LED
– Water Lines LED
– Racing Horse Light LED

CP0306 K643 Mechanical Keyboard

Smartphone Docks
This keyboard is designed with two smartphone docks which make you can place smartphone safely and conveniently. There are 2 key cap puller to easily clean and change the key caps and 4 standby mechanical key caps to be equipped.

CP0306 K643 Mechanical Keyboard
CP0306 K643 Mechanical Keyboard

Compatible with
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10


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