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KA150G Wireless Keyboard with18 Multimedia Function Keys, Ultra Slim Keycaps

$49.99 $18.99

  • TYPE FROM UP TO 10 METERS AWAY Wireless keyboard gives you the freedom to sit in the spot that’s most comfortable and convenient; 2.4G wireless radio frequency technology ensures quick responsiveness with no delays as you type

  • CONTROL MULTIMEDIA WITH A TAP OF THE KEY Design includes 18 multimedia keys that allow you to stop and start videos, adjust the volume and more without having to move the mouse

  • SIMPLE TO CLEAN Innovative wireless keyboard can be disassembled to remove debris, so you never have to worry about keys sticking

  • STYLISH, ERGONOMIC DESIGN Perfect mix of form and function with attractive slim keycaps for style and a wide palm rest to keep your hands comfortably positioned

  • ECO FRIENDLY DESIGN Optimized to consume a minimal amount of power to prolong battery life and cut down on battery waste

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Product Description

Think all computer keyboards are the same? Think again! The aLLreLi KA150G Wireless Keyboard will allow you to use your computer more easily for work and for play and will change the way you type for the better!

The aLLreLi KA150G Wireless Keyboard has a completely wireless design and uses 2.4G wireless radio frequency to communicate with computers from up to 10 meters away, opening up new possibilities for setting up your work station. The wireless keyboard eliminates the clutter of cords, yet it responds just as quickly as a wired keyboard with zero delays to get in the way of your typing.

With the aLLreLi KA150G Wireless Keyboard, you get the benefit of 18 multimedia function keys that are intuitively placed within easy reach on the keyboard. Use these buttons to control music and videos without having to reach for your mouse to click onscreen buttons and icons. Every key on the QWERTY wireless keyboard has a comfortable soft touch feel with an extra slim design that will add style to your work space. A wide palm rest is included to help you keep your hands optimally positioned in order to reduce the strain on your wrists and fingers.

Ordinary keyboards can harbor debris that makes it difficult to press the keys, and removing that dirt can be a challenge. The aLLreLi KA150G Wireless Keyboard eliminates the hassles that come with cleaning a conventional keyboard, as it can be easily disassembled to remove dust, crumbs, pet hair and other impurities that can affect keyboard performance.

Powered by AAA/AA batteries, the aLLreLi KA150G Wireless Keyboard has an energy-saving design that allows it to run for longer a single set of batteries than a conventional wireless keyboard. The power conservation abilities of the keyboard will save you money and make the computer accessory eco friendly.

Change the way you type forever with the best wireless keyboard on Amazon. Order the aLLreLi KA150G Wireless Keyboard now

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