aLLreLi X100 Laser Gaming Mouse with 6 Adjustable DPI 6 Programmable Buttons

99.99 29.99

  • AS SENSITIVE AS YOU NEED With six DPI resolution settings (800-1200-2000-3200-5000-7200) this wired mouse will give you the sensitivity level you need for top performance in any game

  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Our gaming mouse is equipped with an AVAGO3310 laser engine that is able to detect your movements with ease

  • COLOR-CODED LIGHTING The programmable gaming mouse includes six lights that match the DPI settings, making setting the sensitivity simple. You can choose which light matches which and adjust other aspects of the light performance

  • FULLY PROGRAMMABLE GAMING MOUSE With the included profile and macro editor software, you can map the buttons included in the design to work with your favorite games for faster responses in all types of scenarios

  • TOP PERFORMANCE Our wired mouse has a 1000Hz Report Rate and a tracking speed: 60 inch/sec, 20G acceleration with full speed transmission when connecting with a USB 2.0/3.0 port

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Isn’t it a pain having to take the time to adjust to a new gaming mouse? You might have thought about upgrading to a high tech laser mouse to enhance game play, but the thoughts of having to adapt might be a big turn off.


But it doesn’t have to be that way!

We designed the aLLreLi X100 Programmable Wired USB Laser Gaming Mouse to adapt to you, not the other way around, giving you the gaming experience you want and deserve.

When we say that the aLLreLi X100 Programmable Wired USB Laser Gaming Mouse is a programmable gaming mouse, we really mean it. Our wired mouse can be adjusted in many different ways, giving you a gaming mouse that seems as if it were built to your exact specifications.


Very easy to program and use, the aLLreLi X100 Programmable Wired USB Laser Gaming Mouse has six DPI settings, so you can choose from 800-1200-2000-3200-5000-7200 sensitivity modes. The on board AVAGO3310 laser engine ensures optimal performance with any of the settings.

As you set the aLLreLi X100 Programmable Wired USB Laser Gaming Mouse, the wired mouse shines with different breathing lights. There are six colors in all: one to correspond to each DPI level. You can set which color goes with which yourself, making it easy to tell where your mouse is set at all times.

In addition to adjusting the light and resolution, the aLLreLi X100 Programmable Wired USB Laser Gaming Mouse allows you to customize its buttons. With the laser mouse, you’ll receive asoftware program with a profile and macro editor for creating different button maps for all of your favorite games.


With a USB 2.0/3.0 port, the aLLreLi X100 Programmable Wired USB Laser Gaming Mouse provides lightning fast full speed transmission with a report rate of 1000 hertz and a tracking speed of 60 inches per second with 20G acceleration. It will have you moving faster and more precisely than ever before!


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Mathias Herrm.
24 days 23 hours ago

I have a question about the specifications. It says it has an Avago3310 Laser Sensor. I actually came across this card accidentally because I was researching sensor types and looking for mice with the Avago/Pixart 3310 sensor, which is said to be one of the best. Most mice with that sensor are really expensive, but I can get this mouse for only about 10€ where I live, and I have already ordered it and I’m going to try it out.

Now my question: in my “research” I have also found that laser sensors are distinguished from optical sensors, nd are said to be really bad for accurate, competitive gaming (only exception being one sensor of Razer mice).

Naturally the “best” Avago/Pixart 3310 is also supposed to be an optical, not a laser sensor! The difference seems to be corroborated by that laser sensors have really high DPI like 7200, 8200, but the 3310 generally only about 4000, maybe 5000.

And I notice that on Amazon it’s not written “Avago” but “Avag0”, and it lacks some further coding that I usually ignore myself (like PWM3310).

Does this mean you don’t have an original Avago 3310 sensor, but merely something you called very similar? Please answer, I’d really like this cleared up.

Sincerely yours,
Mathias Herrmann

24 days 6 hours ago

It’s original Avago 3310 sensor,I have checked it on amazon,It’s all written Avago3310.
Thank you for your attention to allreli.

2 months 11 days ago

nevermind found it

2 months 9 days ago

Thank you for your support,If you have any question please tell me,thanks

10 months 1 day ago

which mouse is better the X100 or the M811Lu? is it posible to configure user profiles in this mouse?

9 months 30 days ago

Thanks for your message.
The X100 is equipped with an AVAGO3310 laser engine, the M811bu is our old style.
The DPI is different, X100 has six DPI, the largest DPI is 7200, M811bu has eight DPI , the largest is 8200.
The both mice can configure user profiles, only one ,can set different document in this one user profiles, e.g DPI, light, System Settings
The both can’t compatible with mac.
Any problem feel free contact us.
Thanks & Best regards

9 months 30 days ago

Hi, in the amazon specs, it says that the X100 is copatible with OS operating system. then what exactly means that it can´t compatible with Mac? the mouse X100 will not work with a iMAC?

1 year 9 days ago

no drivers for this mouse?

1 year 8 days ago

thank you for your support.
you can download the driver via the link:
Any other problems contract us freedom.

2 months 11 days ago

that link for the drivers does not exist anymore. this worries me