aLLreLi Bluetooth Speaker, C6 Outdoor Waterproof Speaker with Suction Function


UNBELIEVABLE SOUND QUALITY This design has crystal clear, sound enriched to take listening to music outdoors or in the shower to a whole new level

USE IT ANYWHERE WITHOUT WORRY IP65 waterproof rating makes this the perfect speaker to use by the pool, in the shower or outdoors in the rain

UNBEATABLE BATTERY LIFE Powerful lithium-ion battery can keep the music coming for 6 to 8 hours and recharges in just 4 to 5 hours with the included USB charging cable

Uses Bluetooth technology to stream music from iOS, Android and other devices from up to 10 meters away; Also has a 3.5mm audio connector for wired use

Hands free functionality makes sure you never miss a phone call but keeps you from having to reach for your smartphone

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Why should the music stop just because you want to cool off in the pool, get freshened up in the shower or keep on partying in the rain?

With the aLLreLi C6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, you can continue to enjoy your favorite songs in the wettest of conditions and enjoy your digital music from your mobile device to the fullest.

The aLLreLi C6 Wireless Speaker is one of the most advanced waterproof speakers ever made. The new Bluetooth speaker can pair with any Bluetooth-enabled tablet, smartphone or MP3 player, so that you can keep your mobile device safe while still listening to music. The powerful speaker offers impressive sound quality, yet it’s so compact in size that you can easily carry it in a backpack, hang it from your bike or set it on the ledge in your shower.

With waterproof rating, the aLLreLi C6 Shower Speaker can be used in places you’d never dream of taking a smartphone or tablet. The dustproof, shockproof speaker is perfect for pool parties, the beach, the shower, the hot tub and simply for listening to music outdoors. A lanyard is included for hanging the speaker wherever you wish.

Powered by a lithium ion battery, you can listen to music for an entire work day or all through the night without having to recharge. When it comes time to repower the battery, just connect the speaker to your computer’s USB port with the included cord, and it will be ready to go again in just 4 to 5 hours.

Live your life to a continuous soundtrack of music played with crystal clear sound quality! Order the aLLreLi C6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker now.