aLLreLi K6 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Headset w/ Mic, Duplex Sound, Noise Cancellation Tech


  • REMARKABLE SOUND QUALITY & CALL CLARITY Our BlueTooth 4.0 headphones with mic use state-of-the-art echo elimination to make conversations sound like they’re taking place face to face. Noise cancellation technology makes it easy to hear your favorite songs and the person you’re speaking to. Plus, the A2DP profile provides HD sound quality

  • SYNC WITH 2 DEVICES Pair our earbuds with micrphone and volume control with two different devices to listen to music on one and talk on the other, to answer calls on your work and home phones or to browse 2 different music libraries

  • CHAT & LISTEN FOR LONGER Our wireless earbuds are powered by a powerful lithium ion battery for up to 8 hours of music, 9 hours of talk time and 220 hours of standby. You can recharge fully in just 2 hours to have the earbud headset ready for use again.

  • ENGINEERED FOR COMFORT Our BlueTooth earpieces were made to provide a perfect fit! You get two different earbuds to choose from to ensure that you’re comfortable no matter how long you wear them. The receiver can be rotated up to 180 degrees, and the microphone rotates across 200 degrees for a truly custom fit.

  • SO EASY TO CONTROL The intuitive design of our bluetooth earbuds/headphone makes it easy to control the volume, start and stop the music, answer calls and move between songs. You can leave your phone or tablet safely in your bag or on your desk!

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aLLreLi K6 Bluetooth Headset

aLLreLi K6 Bluetooth 4.0 Headset with Mic is a truly hands free BlueTooth earbuds solution that allow you to drive, work, exercise or do anything else while chatting on your phone or listening to music in absolute comfort.
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Ergonomically-shaped headphone enhances user comfort

When we designed our Bluetooth headset, we went to great length to ensure that you could quickly adjust it for a perfect fit and then forget it’s there! Our headset is sold with two different sizes of wireless earbuds, so you can choose the option that fits your ear the best. The receiver can rotate across 180 degrees, so you can find the angle that’s most comfortable. The microphone rotates 200 degrees, giving you the freedom to choose the position that will allow you to speak at a comfortable volume. With no cords or wires, there’s nothing holding you back from completing your daily routine with this headset!

Connect Two Devices at The Same Time

aLLreLi K6 Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones with Mic has the ability to pair with two devices simultaneously, so you can answer calls with two devices or listen to music one one and talk on the other. Controls for answering and hanging up, playing and pausing music, adjusting the volume and controlling the songs are all within easy reach right on the headset for maximum convenience.


In terms of sound quality, our universal wireless BlueTooth is certain to impress. You’ll get the benefits of full duplex sound quality, echo and noise cancellation and a highly sensitive microphone to make audio rich and true and eliminate the need to repeat yourself.

See for yourself what it truly means to talk and listen to music hands free with the best design of earbuds with microphone and volume control! Choose the aLLreLi K6 BlueTooth 4.0 Headset with Mic!


The headset so perfectly fits around my ear that I can hardly feel that I am using it, unless of course I receive a call or message. Read more

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