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We discussed “Is your smartphone or GPS safe on a magnetic phone mount?” in a previous post. Today we are answering your question about if a magnetic car holder will eventually lose its magnetism.

Permanent magnets can lose their magnetism in 3 possible ways:

  1. Via heat: when ferromagnetic materials are heated over a certain temperature (Curie temperature) they will lose their magnetism. At this temperature, the magnetic domain structure of the metal will be permanently impacted by the energy (heat) being put into the magnet. The result will be a paramagnetic material, which displays a kind of magnetism known as ferrimagnetism. This is similar to the impact of materials referred to as hard ferrites. These materials have an analogous temperature called the Neel point. The resulting metal could be re-magnetized via a solenoid or by using another permanent magnet. Heating the magnet a small amount will weaken the magnetism, but depending on the shape of the magnet and how high it was heated, the magnetism will return to full strength at room temperature. Under room temperature conditions, your phone holder will not lose its magnetism.
  2. Via a demagnetizing magnetic field: When a material can withstand getting demagnetized by an externally applied magnetic field, this is called coercivity and is the main characteristic of a permanent magnet. The permanent magnet materials of today like Nd-Fe-B and Sm-Co have coercivities that are high; older materials with lower coercivities like ceramic (hard ferrites) materials and Alnico. If there is an opposite polarity magnetic field strong enough, demagnetizing a magnet is possible be it from a solenoid or a permanent magnet. Sometimes to reduce the overall magnetic output, a magnet with the opposite magnetic field is applied to a magnet to “knock it down” so that it can be used for a specific application. This situation is not normally seen.
  3. Via shock: this is only relevant to older materials like Alnico materials and magnetic steels. Since they use energy to create magnetism via coercivity, this means they will be susceptible to getting demagnetized if sufficient energy is passed through the material by shock, like being hit with a hammer or getting dropped. Modern materials are used to make Phone Holders, therefore this isn’t an issue for modern magnetic holders.


This makes aLLreLi Magnetic Car Phone Holder the perfect option to keep your phone visible and secure. It includes an 18-month warranty and is easily replaced if there are any problems.

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