You need to learn as much as you can about a new car mount, even if it is fairly new on the market. There are lots of posts and information in forums regarding if magnetic car mounts will cause damage to their phones. The increase in the number of posts and questions is an indication that these mounts are becoming more popular. We will now address any concerns on the subject once and for all.

Your smartphone will not be damaged by a magnetic car holder. Previously, magnetic sequencing was used to store memory in/on hard drive devices, but this is not so for the modern chip technology, which is made of materials that are non-magnetic. As a result, magnets will not impact their functioning.

Does the magnet impact the memory? There are no longer Hard disk drives (HDD) in phones that store data using magnetic fields. Phones actually use storage chips, which are a kind of flash memory and magnets have no impact on this.

Some forums mention that iPods might be impacted by magnets, but this is only true for the iPod Classic which uses HDD. Flash memory is used in other mobile devices and should not be a concern.

Will my screen be affected by a magnet phone mount?

Do you recall those old big screens that hummed when they were on? An imaged was formed when a finely focused beam of electrons was deflected using magnetic fields. Therefore, external magnets impacted the magnetic field, which was used to create a picture. Modern phone screens form an image and to respond to interactions using electricity As a result, magnets are not a threat to modern smartphone screens.

magnetic phone holder will not affect iphone x's screen

When it comes to GPS or Map applications, these devices use tracking systems that depend on satellite signal triangulation as opposed to a magnetic north/south positioning as in a compass. Therefore, the magnetic mount will not have a negative impact.

But, if you have some kind of compass on your device that depends on magnetic north/south, there would be a negative impact, but overall magnetic mounting devices are very safe for the latest mobile devices.

Magnetic phone mount will not affect phone's gps


What about the magnets in the phone speakers? Test results show that the minor magnetic impact of the car mount isn’t strong enough to interfere with the speakers, so there is no need to worry.

Cases with magnets

In conclusion, it should be noted that certain cases turn on and off phone features using magnets, for instance, the iPad or Samsung screen. The car mount magnet will not have an effect on this function.

aLLreLi Magnet Car Phone Holder is the ideal choice that will maintain your phone’s visibility in a secure manner, therefore you can safely keep your hands on the steering wheel!

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Magnet Phone Holder with Cable Clip
Magnet Phone Holder with Cable Clip

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