aLLreLi T9 Plus Single-handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


  • AN AWARD WINNING DESIGN Engineered specifically for League of Legends left-hand use, this keyboard won the Red Dot Award for product design in 2016

  • SEE EVERY KEY CLEARLY The RGB back-lighting looks stylish and makes every key visible. Choose from 10 light effects to get optimal illumination

  • AUTOMATE YOUR GAME PLAY With the included driver, you can configure macros to execute actions with fewer keystrokes

  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY Keyboard features a lightweight, yet durable aluminum cover and a braided cable with a magnetic ring that prevent signal loss

  • PLAY IN COMFORT HOUR AFTER HOUR Ergonomic key layout and oversized palm rest allow you to game for longer with less hand strain

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aLLreLi Single-handed Gaming Keyboard takes more than just experience to be able to dominate your favorite games. If you truly want to excel, you need to be able to respond quickly in the game, and the aLLreLi T9 Plus Professional Single-handed Mechanical Gaming Keypad is designed specifically to help you take performance to the next level and make lighting fast movements that will have fellow players in awe of your skills.

The aLLreLi T9 Plus Professional Single-handed Mechanical Keyboard is compact in size and has a key layout that allows you to make movements faster than ever before. With the included driver, you can program keys with macros that allow you to complete repeated keystroke sequences with fewer taps on the keyboard. An ergonomic design with an oversized palm rest helps to keep your hand in a comfortable, relaxed position, so you can play for longer without suffering from discomfort.

Durably crafted with a sturdy aluminum bottom cover, the aLLreLi T9 Plus Professional Single-handed Mechanical Keyboard can be used at home or carried with you for use with your laptop. The keyboard features stylish RGB back-lighting to make the keys visible in all types of lighting conditions, and you can choose from 10 different light effects to suit your gaming needs.